Muse – Guiding Light (Testo,Lyrics,Traduzione e Video)

Testo: Muse – Guiding Light

Pure Hearts and stumble
In my hands they crumble
And fragile and stripped to the core
I can’t hurt you anymore
Loved by numbers
You loosing, life’s wonder
And touch like strangers detached
I can feel you anymore

And sunshine, trapped in our hearts
It could rise again, but I’m lost
And crushed
I’m cold and confused with no guiding light left inside
You were guiding, light
Wooohooo WOAH

*Guitar Solo*

Hooooooo, Hooooooooo, Mhoooooo, Haaaaaaaaa
And come from and wont come befouled I still reach for you
But I’m lost and I’m crushed
I’m cold and confused but not guiding light
You’re my guiding, light.
You’re my guiding, light.
There is no guiding, light left inside.
There’s no guiding light in us.

Traduzione: Muse – Guiding Light

Copertina: Muse - The Resistance

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