Heaven And Hell – Fear (Testo,Lyrics e Traduzione)

Testo: Heaven And Hell – Fear
If you never heard before
There was once a time when only GOD had fire
the moon & Stars and nothing more
to lead you through the night
It fell to Hell & satan had a daughter
he must have sent her here to hide the flame
Were still afraid, must be he taught us so well
We see the light so whys it all the same
Superstition Go Away
We wear the mark

Found a corner of the mind
with a door that always opens up at sundown
& whats inside is to remind you
To hide from eyes that Shine
We ran until we found we had the power
Illuminate the world and make it burn
Were still afraid must be that door in your brain
you see some light and you pray it will return
Superstition Go Away
We wear the Mark

It fell to Hell & satan sent his daughter
she must have got lost and can’t go home
Were still afraid & he can’t find her again
we’ve seen some light but it will always be the same.
Superstition Go Away
We still share the Mark

Traduzione: Heaven And Hell – Fear


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