Heaven And Hell – Atom & Evil (Testo,Lyrics e Traduzione)

Testo: Heaven And Hell – Atom & Evil
Blue Skies once upon a dream
Our eyes never in between
Then into the Garden came the Spider
I’m here for you said the Spider to the fly
& when I am through
you can open up your eyes and see
Your world on fire and the liar won’t let go…
Atom & Evil

One more promise we can tame the Sun
& then we’ll shine forever
Someday you can cry for everyone
Who burn when you were clever
Expand your mind we’ve got a place for you
Just make believe that 1 & 1 are always 2
When into the corner comes the Spider
Just say NO….
Atom & Evil

Falling is Easy rising will never be
So we must rise together
Fear of the changes powerful harmony
but then theres no forever
Atom & Evil

Maybe if we cry together
Maybe if we cry as one
the tears that fall could kill the fire
and keep everyone from Atom & Evil

Traduzione: Heaven And Hell – Atom & Evil


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