Depeche Mode – Fragile Tension (Lyrics,Testo e Traduzione)

Testo: Depeche Mode – Fragile Tension
There is a fragile tension,
That’s keeping us going.
It may not last forever,
But always flowing.
It’s something magical in the air,
Something’s so tragic we have to care.

There’s a strange obsession,
It’s drawing us nearer.
We don’t understand it,
It never get’s clearer.
It’s something mystical in our dreams,
It’s so simplistic it kicks and screams.

Nothing can keep us down,
Nothing can beat us down.

There’s a dizzying felling,
That’s keeping us flying,
Without even trying,
We’re not even trying.
It’s something radical in our heads,
Nothing logical to our plans

Traduzione: Depeche Mode – Fragile Tension

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