Chickenfoot – Avenida Revolution (Testo,Lyrics,Traduzione e Video)

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Testo: Chickenfoot – Avenida Revolution
Hey you!

Rio Grande crawling with desperation
Hard drugs linin’ the gunny sack
The air is thick with desperation
A new life waits for the wetback

Crossing the borderline
Into the fire

Now this is where Juan left his family
You can still smell the blood in his tracks
Yeah, and this is where we found the baby, oh
From here, there ain’t no turnin’ back

Crossing the borderline
Into the fire
Crossing the borderline
Into the fire

Import, transport, exportation
Rights of nations, exploited salvation
Damnation under one God’s fixation
Without deportations, predjudice with limitations

Yeah, Avenida Revolution
Nogales, Tiajuana, Mexicali, Juarez
We got flowers, crosses and no solution, oh
Stay close and do what Mommy says, what Mommy says, Mommy says

Well, crossing the borderline
Into the fire
Crossing the borderline
Into the fire

Crossing the borderline, yeah
Into the fire
Hey, hey, hey you

(Oh, oh, oh, oh)

Crossing the borderline
Hey you
Crossing the borderline
Into the fire

Hey you
Hey, hey, hey you

Bullets, tear gas, barbed wire fences
Thirsty dogs, sun, sandy trenches
Nightcrawling human insects breeding
Feet, arms, hands, backs still bleeding

Traduzione: Chickenfoot – Avenida Revolution

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