Arch Enemy: “Dark Insanity” il nuovo video + posizioni in classifica “The Root Of Al Evil” (prima settimana)

arch_enemy_root_of_all_evil-thumbOnline su Therockblog il nuovo video degli Arch Enemy per la canzone “Dark Insanity”:

Inoltre, ecco le posizioni ottenute dal nuovo album “The Root Of All Evil”:
Germania: # 84
Svezia: # 69
Giappone: # 7
Giappone: # 21

Di seguito il testo di “Dark Insanity”:
Weak and sick I crawl
In the dust of past mistakes
Leaving for the darkness
Of tears and cold heartaches
Suffer in this grief
Of forever burning hate
The ashes of my life
By the torment you create

On my knees… remembering
The wasted years of dark insanity

The rage increases fast
As the memories eat me alive
God, I wish this to end
But I’m not prepared to die
No more a human being
Just a fool of anxiety
Unable to escape
The darkest insanity

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